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Presentations from Research Seminar in March 2016

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Outline of Day and Programme:SVRN_Mar2016_schedule_03

Attendee List:SVRN_Mar2016_attendees

Institute of Volunteering Research: Jo Stuart_SVRN March 16th 2016_sport volunteering_2

Commonwealth Games 2014 :James_Woodall_ Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Report published from the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 research :   Glasgow_2014_volunteer_report_Leeds_Beckett

Motivations of Sport Volunteers : Geoff Nichols Motivations of sport volunteers SVRN 10 3 16


Presentations from Research Seminar in October 2015

Outline of Day and Programme: SVRN_Oct2015_prog

Event Volunteer Evaluation Project (EVE): Holmes_SVRN October 2015

London 2012 Volunteers Evaluation: Benson_SVRN_OCTOBER 2015_toshare

Research Insights into Sports Volunteers: GroomTaylorNelson_SVRN_October 2015.pptx

Sport volunteers as community assets: Griffiths_SVRN October 2015

Volunteers and Asset Transfer of Public Sports Facilities:  KingMacfadyen_SVRN October 2015

Motivations of Sport Volunteers :

Presentations from Research Seminar in March 2015

Outline of day and abstracts :SVRN_MARCH2015_detailedprog_withabstracts_

Join In : SVRN_20150319_Watt

Explaining the negative relationship between income inequality, volunteering and sports participation in Europe : SVRN_20150319_VealNichols

Gamesmakers at 2012 : SVRN_20150319_BensonNichols

Volunteers in Sports Clubs : SVRN_20150319_DavisBorehamWaterman

‘Clubmark’ implementation, policies and volunteers : SVRN_20150319_Thurston

Student Volunteering – Volunteer or Voluntold : SVRN_20150319_Holdsworth


The transfer of public leisure facilities to volunteer delivery – exploring good practice.   ESRC Festival of Social Sciences event.   University of Sheffield. Wednesday 5th November 2014

Summary of presentations and discussions

Nichols and Forbes – research findings
Sylvia Green Rural Action Derbyshire
Nick Ockenden NCVO
Chris Chatten – Richmondshire Leisure Trust
Bev Cross VAS Sheffield Libraries
Spencer Moore CIMSPA’s role



Presentations September 2013
SVRN meeting summary 4th September 2013
Nichols, Faulkner – impact of clubmark accreditation on volunteers and Clubmark

Nichols – Faulkner Clubmark report

Mike McCarthy Suffolk 2012 volunteering legacy
Keilty, Laikowski, Gibbon -ethnography of professional football internships
Keilty – volunteer strategies in professional youth soccer
Barret, Nichols, Woods – decline in hockey clubs
Sheila Luke – volunteering at Glasgow 2014

Presentations April 2013
SVRN April 17th Meeting summary

Forbes – Relationship Marketing and the volunteer life cycle
May – Volunteers at the 2012 Paralympic Games
Tomazos- New volunteerism and reflexive volunteering
Young – Student sport volunteering at the University of Manchester
Wharton-Re-developing volunteering at Deerness Gymnastics Academy

Presentations October 2012
Brook-Holmes psychological contract and volunteers in RDA
Nichols & Ralston Olympic volunteers
Nichols Ferguson Grix – Sportmakers
Ryan Storr – young volunteers at 2012

Presentations April 2012
David Piggot – widening participation in golf clubs
SkillsActive – training 4 Volunteers
Sports Coach UK – coach tracking study

Presentations October 2011
George Wood – Badminton Association
Nichols – Taylor club clusters
Sports Club Survey 2011 Main Report Findings Presentation Final
SVRN PT 261011
Tadcaster Volunteer presentation
Virgin London Marathon

Presentations March 2011
Cynthia Zhuang – volunteer management at Beijing 2008
John Knights, Cabinet Office – Big Society
Leigh Robinson – governance in NGBs
Marc Taylor, Governance in ASA
Spencer Harris – clubs as policy instruments
Syann Cox – SARA Red Card to Red Tape

Presentations November 2010
British Gymnastics – Managing research to influence direction
England Athletics – Developing A Lasting Participation Legacy Through Clubs
England Netball – Participant Centred Approach
Volleyball England – My Games (Ilona B)
WSFF Back to Netball Presentation

Presentations March 2010
Christoph Breuer – Scarcity of volunteers and viability of sports clubs in Germany
Pasi Koski – Finnish Sports Clubs in Change
Peter Taylor and Geoff Nichols – CCPR Survey of Sports Clubs
Rob Lake – Social Exclusion in Voluntary Sports Clubs

Presentations October 2009 Andy Adams – The role of clubs in promoting local policy outcomes Kirsty Clarke – Sports Strategic Partnership for Vol Geoff Nichols and Peter Taylor – The balance of benefit and burden Fiona Reid – Using the Scottish Opinion Survey (2003-6) to understand the role of voluntary sector sports clubs in Scotland Andy Adams – The role of clubs in promoting local policy outcomes